American Merchant Center offers various merchant financing options to get businesses the working capital they need to grow.


Grow Your Business with a Merchant Cash Advance

A Merchant Cash Advance with American Merchant gives you quick and easy access to working capital exactly when you need it.

It’s not a loan. A Merchant Cash Advance is a cash-flow friendly way to access the capital your business needs with no personal collateral or guarantee required.

Funds can be used for just about anything including expansion, renovation, new equipment, advertising, inventory, and more! Qualify for up to 250% of your future credit card receivables.


Traditional leaders typically approve only 10-15 percent of loan applications from small business due to lack of collateral, insufficient business history and less than perfect credit scores.

A Merchant Cash Advance is a great alternative for the millions of small businesses like yours that banks leave dissatisfied and not served.

A simple application process, high approval rates, speedy funding, and a convenient, no hassle payment plan makes funding, and a convenient, no-hassle payment makes sure your business is never over-extended and always on time.


  • Complete a simple application, plus provide your last three to four bank account statements.
  • Applications typically receive a same day approval offer, decline or request for further information.
  • Receive up to 250 percent of your average monthly gross card sales volume. You do not have to take the full amount your business qualifies for.
  • There are no collateral requirements, personal guarantees, liens, hidden fees or other surprises.
  • Funding typically occurs within one to three business days after a purchase agreement is signed or sooner as circumstances permit.

    Once funded, a small, fixed percentage is automatically deducted from each card sale during daily settlement.

  • Enjoy the convenience of automatic payment. You’ll never have to write a monthly check or accidentally miss a payment, plus business upticks and downturns are readily accommodated.
  • You may qualify for another cash advance once a portion of the initial cash advance has been paid back. This typically runs between 50-60 percent.
  • Collection ends when the contracted obligation amount is paid off.

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